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MG Kickstand Plate

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Motorcycle Gadgets Kickstand Plate

Protect your motorcycle from sinking and tipping over in a parking area made of soft
asphalt, gravel or sand with the MG kickstand plate. Our custom made kickstand plate
works on all motorcycles. Each kickstand plate is made from a durable heavy duty
injection plastic, with a predrilled 3/16” small hole that you can attach to a tether,
reminder string, or keychain.

- Durable heavy duty injection plastic
- Slightly raised ridges to hold kickstand in place when lowering
- Textured cradle design to prevent kickstand from slipping
- Approx. 5" X 3 3/8"
- Pre-drilled 3/16" small hole to attach tether, reminder string or keychain
- Custom MG logo
- Made in U.S.A.

MG Comments:
Last year, I took an advanced rider course to brush up on my riding skills. One of the instructors parked his bike in a freshly tarred part of the parking lot that was shaded by a large tree. Needless to say, the temperature rose, the shade moved to the other side and his bike fell over. You would think that I learned a lesson.

One month later I rode to the beach for the day. At noon I checked on my 600RR only to find it leaning so far over on the kickstand that the rear wheel was actually off the asphalt. Even worse, I spent 15 minutes trying to pull the buried kickstand out of the lot. Since that day, I use my kickstand plate wherever I go.

Don't learn the hard way. The kickstand plate is simple in design yet brilliant in its concept as it spreads the weight of your bike over a larger surface area to prevent the kickstand from sinking into the asphalt. I store my mine under my passenger seat and use it when necessary. Some guys slip it into their jacket pockets or keep it in their tank bags since it has no sharp edges. -Sam
MG Kickstand Plate

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