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Digital Mini Tire Gauge

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Digital Mini Tire Gauge

Motorcycle Gadgets Digital Mini Tire Gauge

Save gas and extend the life of your tires with our Digital Mini Tire Gauge. When you
maintain proper pressure in your tires, your motorcycle will run more efficiently and at peek
performance. Our tire gauge is compact in design and easy to get in behind the brake and is
certified accurate. It comes with a key ring to attach to any keychain; after all, what good
is a tire gauge if you can't find it.

- Small, Compact Design
- Digital LCD Display
- Ranges 5-100 PSI or .35-7.00 BAR
- Automatic Shut-off
- Extended Life Batteries included
- CE Approved
MG Comments:
I've had my Digital Mini Tire Gauge for over 5 years. I've never had to change the battery; not because I remember to turn it off, but because it has an auto-shutoff. It's the only tire gauge I have found that can easily get in between the wheel and the brake, take an accurate reading, and not deflate your tire in the process (Check out the MG Video below). I always have it in my pocket or in my tank bag. The mini tire gauge is digital and there is never any reading between the lines. Ride Safe... Craig

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