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Your vehicle may have come with a tool kit, but its only virtue was it was free. The
EconoKIT M1 allows a major upgrade in both quality and content over OEM kits, yet at a
very reasonable price. Four combination wrenches, and eight-inch adjustable wrench,
locking pliers, and much more permit a wide range of operations. The pouch is designed to
last for the long haul. Comprehensive and capable.

For a complete inventory and toolkit comparison, please refer to the Toolkit Specification Sheet. As with every Cruz tool, all tools come with a lifetime warranty and are made for the tough powersports environment.

The EconoKIT M1 tools come in a high quality polyester pouch which is 6" x 9" (zipped or
rolled up) and weighs approximately 2.5 lbs. A shop towel is included with each kit.

In the pouch: (refer to picture)
MG Comments:
This is by far the best quality, most comprehensive toolkit you will find that will still fit under your seat. I love tools. I'm a tool guy. I took one look at the OEM kit that came with my bike and I knew I needed something else. The pliers in the OEM kit look like what came with my Erector set when I was 8 yrs. old. Don't think you don't need a quality tool kit, because someday you will. There is a lot that can come loose on all those bumps during that long trip. It may be a mirror that comes loose and falls down out of view, or it could be that bolt you thought you tighten down on your new newly installed pipe. Both true stories; surprisingly the OEM kit didn't come with the right size hex key or wrench. Craig

Left Side
14 mm Combination Wrench
12 mm Combination Wrench
10 mm Combination Wrench
8mm Combination Wrench
8" Adjustable Wrench
Cable Ties, Mechanics Wire
Right Side
Gap Gauge, Electrical Tape
Locking Pliers
Tire Pressure Gauge
2-in-1 Spark Plug Socket (5/8" x 13/16")
Hex Key Set (3, 4, 5, 6mm)
Aluminum Flashlight (incl. 2AA Batteries)
6-in-1 Screwdriver Set
Cruz Tools EconoKIT M1
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