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RAM Magnetic Power Plate

Motorcycle Gadgets RAM Power Plate

The RAM Magnetic Power Plate is designed to hold various devices including radar
detectors and cell phones. The magnetic plate includes two powerful rare earth
magnets, rubber cradle and two adhesive metal plates. To mount your device to the
magnet, you will need to attach one of the metal plates to the back of you device.
Includes a rectangular 50mm x 38mm x 0.08mm thick metal plate with adhesive back.
The Magnetic Power Plate has universal mounting holes and mounts using the
Universal Top Base (sold separately).

Mounts with:
RAM Product Number: RAP-300-1U
Universal Top Base
MG Comments:
The magnets that hold your device to this mount are very, very strong. I personally
have never seen magnets with this strength. You basically add one of the adhesive
plates to the bottom of your device and it adheres to the magnets attached to the
mount. What makes the Magnetic Power Plate ideal for radar detectors is that you can
remove your device from the mount quickly. You don't want to be caught with the
radar detector in full view. Ride Safe...

IMPORTANT NOTE: The magnetic mount should NOT be used to hold any device that
has an internal hard drive. The magnet may damage the drive. This includes the
Apple iPod and other small battery operated devices.

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