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XBi Headset Accessory

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Motorcycle Gadgets Chatterbox Student Headset

The ChatterBox XBi Headset Accessory (often refered to as the Student Headset) is
designed for those who want to use their own headphones or ear buds. This unit
replaces both the speakers and microphone that comes with the original unit. Can be
used for both open face and closed face helmets.

- Separate Mounting Bracket
- Standard Audio Jack
- Noice cancelling microphone
MG Comments:
This is what you would use if you don’t want to use the helmet speakers. This gives you
the option to use your own ear buds for better sound and/or comfort. This is universal
and will work with Opened Faced or Closed Faced helmets. Andy


Chatterbox XBi Headset Accessory

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