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Chatterbox XBi2

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Chatterbox XBi2

Wirelessly listen to your music, hear your GPS directions, take a phone call,
and communicate with up to 2 other riders with this powerful, compact unit.

The XBi2 models are ideal for riders in smaller groups of up to 3 people... The
XBi2 units feature CDMA technology for communication, which allows them to be much
smaller in size. This technology allows full duplex (conference call type) conversations
between a max of 3 riders (bike to bike or rider to passenger) at up to 500 yards. The
XBi2 units feature Bluetooth which allows you to pair with up to two accessory devices
(cell phone, GPS, mp3/iPOD) at the same time. Each model can also sync to one
another for communication. The XBi2 is a universal unit that is capable of being installed
in any type of helmet. The XBi2-H is designed specifically for the HJC brand line of
bluetooth ready helmets. See XBi2-H. Both models use a Lithium Ion rechargeable
battery capable of 6-8 hours of talk time with 48 hours standby.

- Completely Waterproof
- Noice Cancelling Microphone
- Removable Mount
- Hi-Fi Headset

Accessories: (Sold Separately)
Bluetooth Adapters
(Convert any
device to
Headset Accessory
(Attach your

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