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Chatterbox Drone Alarm

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Chatterbox Drone Alarm

The Drone is a low cost alarm that provides the added protection
of ignition cutoff while providing both visual and audio alerts

Chatterbox Drone Alarm
The new Chatterbox Drone alarm system is a feature packed alarm, providing dynamic
shock sensor technology, theft resistant starter disabling, 125dB compact Piezo siren,
and flashing headlight visual. The security system shows a blue status LED warning for
easily checking the status of the motorcycle. Once installed, the system uses a simple
wireless remote system for operation.

The alarm can easily be installed in less than an hour. The main alarm module is
water resistant and can be installed under the seat or other conspicuous location. The
unit is wired directly to the battery for power. The siren is connected to the alarm
module with a separate wire allowing the siren to be installed externally to maximize
the alarm audio. Detailed Installation Instructions are provided and include a guide to
finding the correct wires on your motorcycle.

The alarm comes with (2) advanced key
transmitters that are capable of being
programmed to activate an auxilary
feature, such as a trunk release. When
pressing the Arm button, the system LED
flashes and the siren chirps twice to notify
you that the alarm is activated.

- Adjustable Shock Sensor
- Ignition Disable
- Flashing Headlight Visual
- Blue LED Status Light


- 125db Compact Piezo Siren
- (2) Advanced Key Transmitters
- One Year Warranty

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