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Heated Glove Liners

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Powerlet Heated Glove Liners

A heated glove liner is the best solution for cold hands
while being able to maintain the feel on your handlebar controls.

Powerlet Heated Glove Liners
Stay Warm While Riding....Designed for commuting, touring and extending your riding
season, Powerlet ultra-thin heated glove liners are designed to comfortably fit under
your existing riding gloves. Most cold weather gloves are bulky and make it hard to
access controls. The heated liners provide the warmth you need while still maintaining
the control you need.

Low Power Alternative....Perfect for all motorcycles, even those without much excess
electrical capacity to power appliances. Powerlet heated gloves are rated at 24 watts per
pair. Stay warm and stay safe while minimizing your electrical consumption.

Glove Liner Features:
- Form-Fitting, washable, Black Polyester Liners
- Even heat around fingers and back of hand
- Standard Coax Connection
See the Sizing Chart for proper measurements
IMPORTANT: These liners MUST be used with a controlling device and at no time should
they be directly connected to the vehicle or with an on/off switch.

The Heated Glove Liners are also available as a COMPLETE KIT to include direct
battery connection and 5-position digital controler.

List Price:$79.95
Your Price:$71.95 (You save $8.00)