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Toll Pass Mount

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Toll Pass Mount

Toll Pass Mount

Make sure the toll gate goes up every time with the Toll Pass Mount... Most toll roads,
bridges, and tunnels these days now accept electronic payments using a transponder you
attach to your vehicle's windshield. The most predominate electronic toll network in the
Northeast and Midwest, the EZ Pass network, uses a standard 3" x 3 1/2" transponder (see
picture below). The transponders emit a low frequency and require line of sight with the
toll booth antenna overhead to activate the gate. The Toll Pass Mount allows you to install
the transponder on your handlebars or on your side mirror stem, providing a clear line of
sight when passing through the toll booth.

- Lightweight, durable plastic resin
- Secure 2-piece clip; attaches with 2 screws
- Easy to remove harness for quick removal of Transponder
Safety Tip: Avoid the middle of the road going through toll booths. Oil collects and is
slippery; especially when wet. Always use the fast lanes when possible.

EZ Pass Interoperability - Currently, there are 14 states
that make up the E-ZPass system. All 14 states use the
same technology; allowing travelers to use the same
E-ZPass transponder throughout the network. These include
Fast Lane in Massachusetts, I-Pass in Illinois, i-Zoom in
Indiana, and the defunct M-Tag in Maryland and Smart Tag
in Virginia. Refer to this
Map for additional details.

Ordering Details

Standard Installation: Toll Mount supports handlebars
1/2" in diameter and larger.

Side Mirror Installation: Includes rubber grommet for
installations smaller than 1/2".

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