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Micro USB Cables

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Powerlet Micro USB Cables

Connect any device that uses the standard Micro USB connection
to your Powerlet outlet. Commonly used for charging cell phones.

Powerlet Micro USB Cables
12" Powerlet Short
Micro USB Cable
Item #: PPC-027-SC

36" Powerlet Micro
USB Cable
Item #: PPC-027

60" Powerlet Micro USB
Direct to Battery Cable
Item #: PPC-027-DB

Works with all devices that utilize a micro USB connector. The cable mounted in-line
regulator assures the voltage is properly stepped down to 5V. Powerlet cables exceed
vibration, size, and current (amperage) requirements while promoting effective cable
management. Connectors are sized to be glove friendly.

Direct to battery
60" fused harness

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