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Low Profile Panel Mounted Powerlet Outlet

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Powerlet Low Profile Panel Outlet

Designed to provide a convenient outlet on any panel.
Easily powers any device such as cell phones and GPS.
Works with Powerlet cables and sockets.
Comes with:
A - Powerlet Outlet
B - Wiring Harness
C - 15 Amp Fuse
D - Washers
E - Tie Wraps

This version of the Panel outlet is for Powerlet cables and sockets only. Get power to
where you need it with minimum clearance behind the panel. The Powerlet Panel Mount
outlet can be easily installed on any plastic panel with a minimum of 1" clearance behind
the panel. A threaded brass nut and combination washers make a secure installation that
will not vibrate loose when riding. The Powerlet Panel Mount is offered in different wiring
harness lengths from 12" to 60".


The following wiring lengths are available for the Powerlet Panel Mount:
- High-Impact plastic socket
- Spring-loaded hinged lid (1.075" in diam.)
- White T Connector lead for easy wiring
- Threaded brass jam nut
- Aluminum and rubber washers
- 14 AWG 105C wire with special 105C tubing
- Waterproof Fuse-Holder (uses standard ATO fuses)
- Highly annealed copper terminals
Outlet and Rubber Boot
- 12" (Close to battery mounts)
- 24" (Ideal for rear luggage)
- 36" (Side panels)
- 48" (Front panels)
- 60" (Extra long runs)
(24" shown)
The Powerlet socket requires a 11/16" hole for installation.
11/16" Hole Saw drill bit is available for easy installation.

11/16" Hole Saw
Powerlet Panel Mount Kit
Low Profile Panel Mounted Powerlet Outlet

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