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Powerbar Plus Cigarette Outlet

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Powerlet Powerbar Plus Cigarette

Comes with:
A - Powerbar Plus Outlet
B - 54" Wiring Harness
C - 15 Amp Fuse
D - Tie Wraps
E - Rubber Sleeves
F - Lighter Element

This version of the Powerbar Plus has a cigarette socket (not a Powerlet socket). Save
space on your handlebars with this all-in-one option for powering and mounting your device.
The Powerbar Plus securely and easily installs onto tapered and non-tapered handlebars
with rubber sleeves and a single bolt. Add the Ram Mount 1" ball (not included) and the
Powerbar Plus can then be used with any Ram mounting options.

Refer to the Ram Mounts Page for mounting options.
Typical mounting applications include: GPS Units,
Cell Phones, Satellite Radios, MP3's and many more devices.

The power harness length is 54 inches, perfect to reach from the battery under the seat to the handlebar. The power socket and fuse holder are both water resistant. The Powerbar Plus is corrosion and wear resistant and comes in either Chrome or Anodized Black metal.

The Powerbar Plus is available in two different diameters to fit a variety of handlebars. Select from:
Size: 7/8" to 1" or
Size: 1-1/8" to 1-1/4"

This version of the Powerbar Plus comes with the cigarette lighter element.
Ram 1" Ball

Powerbar Plus Cigarette Outlet

Designed to provide both Power and a Gadget Mount
The simple bolt on solution provides both a Cigarette outlet and a
Ram Mount for a clean, convenient installation on your handlebars.
Works with standard cigarette cables and sockets.

List Price:$149.95
Your Price:$134.20 (You save $15.75)