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Microfiber Towels

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Microfiber Towels

When someone says "microfiber towel", more often than not, this is the one they are talking about. At 200 grams per square meter, our towels are well constructed, affordable and can be used for many purposes.

Our 12” x 12” microfiber towels leave no lint or dust and clean glass and plastic without streaking. They hold seven times their own weight in water. They can be rung out in the sink and reused for heavy spills. Why spend money on paper towels each month to do the jobs that our microfiber towels can do…..much better!

Key Features
- Chemical Free, Environmentally Friendly (Green)
- Lightweight - For better scrubbing action
- Absorbent - Seven times its weight in water
- Affordable – Two per bag
- Durable and Washable
- 200 grams per square meter
- 4mil 5”x 8” re-closable transparent bag that can be used to store extra parts lying around your garage

Microfiber is widely used by motorcycle enthusiasts and car detailers to handle tasks such as cleaning exteriors and interiors, quick detailing, removing wax from paintwork, cleaning glass, and drying.

MG comments
I've scratched my helmet windscreen using an old t-shirt, not realizing that it had dirt on it that was abrasive. Looking through small scratches on your windscreen is annoying and replacement windscreens are expensive. I had always had a nice microfiber towel for my car and never gave it a thought that this is what I should be using for my bike. We searched and got the best quality towel for us and our customers. The fabric has loops that keep any dirt away from surface. This provides a virtually scratch free surface. It's small enough that I always carry this and the 1oz Plastix spray in my jacket pocket at all times... Craig

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