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Plastix Kit

Motorcycle Gadgets Plastix Kit

Looking for the perfect kit to address your motorcycle cleaning needs? Look no further
as the Plastix kit has everything you will need. The Plastix kit includes a 1 oz. Plastix
bottle, 4 oz. Plastix bottle, Plastic Mini Scraper and Microfiber Towel.

Material Safety
Data Sheet

Plastix is a one-step plastic, glass and shiny metal solvent that is specifically
formulated to clean, polish preserve and protect. Plastix is safe, non-toxic and
environmentally friendly. It contains no alcohol or ammonia and can be used on soft
plastics. Its anti-static and high-gloss finish resists fingerprints. At home, work or on
the go, Plastix is safe to use on motorcycles, helmets, face shields, sunglasses,
instrument gauges, head lights, tail lights, GPS screens, phones, cameras, iPods,
laptops, DVD's, LCD and Plasma TV's, chrome, bright metal and all hard shiny surfaces.
Plastix (by Cleaners in Motion) is offered exclusively at Motorcycle Gadgets and made in
the USA.

Need a way to safely remove bugs, tar and old stickers from your motorcycle without
damaging the paint? The Plastic Mini Scraper is ideal for any situation where a metal
blade won't work. Whether its removing scuffs off your chrome pipes or rubbed paint
off your bumper, our plastic scraper is up to the challenge. The blades are made of a
rigid plastic to avoid deforming and the scraper will never rust. It's a must have tool
to keep in your tank bag.

Our 12” x 12” Microfiber Towel leaves no lint or dust and cleans glass and plastic
without streaking. It holds seven times its own weight in water. It can be rung out in
the sink and reused for heavy spills. Why spend money on paper towels each month
to do the job that our microfiber towel can do...much better?

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