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Xena Zone Alarm

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Xena Zone Alarm

An audio deterrent that will send would be thieves running... Protect valuables and
vehicles with the infrared zone alarm. The alarm features a wall-mounted passive
infrared motion detector with a powerful 135dB alarm. The XENA Zone Alarm is simple
to operate. Armed using a four-digit code programmed by the owner, the unit uses
passive infrared sensors to detect motion from a distance of up to 20ft. (6m). Mounted
on wall or simply sitting on a table or shelf, the alarm sets up a security zone that will
alert you or others with a piercing siren of any intruder.

Xena Zone Alarm
Secure your garage or shed with a powerful 135db zone alarm.
Set your code, arm the alarm, and rest assured your bike is protected.

- Built Tough, High-Impact Plastic unit
- Infrared Beam with 20ft.(6m) Range
- Extremely loud 135 dB Alarm
- Programmable, 4 digit code activation
- Requires 4 "AA" Batteries
Quick to install and simple to maintain... XENA Zone Alarm assembles easily and is
up and running in minutes with basic tools. Simply mount using the screws provided,
insert batteries and enter your own four-digit security code; your garage is now
protected. A 15-second delay allows the user to enter the disarm code without
triggering the siren. Once triggered, the siren sounds for 30 seconds before
resetting. For more information, refer to our Installation Video.

Battery life: Approximately four months (based on five arm-and-disarm cycles per day)

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