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Grenade Cover Alarm

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Motogads Grenade Cover Alarm

Whether you cover your bike at work or in front of a hotel room during an overnight
trip, the Grenade Cover Alarm provides affordable protection against anyone who is
trying to take a peek under the cover or quietly make off with your bike.

Included in Waterproof Package:
A - Cover Alarm w/1ft Tether
and Clip
B - D-Ring (1")
C - D-Ring (1-1/2")
D - Nylon Adhesive Strips (2)
E - Velcro Strip (12")
Installation Instructions (not shown)

The Grenade Cover Alarm can be clipped to any part of a motorcycle, preferably
somewhere that is inconspicuous to a intruder. The one foot tether connects the alarm to
the cover. On one side of the tether, a small grenade like pin connects to the top of the
alarm. On the other side, a trigger hook attaches to a "D" ring, which is fastened to the
inside of the cover with a strip of permanent high impact nylon tape (both included.)

Once the alarm is secured on the motorcycle, the cover can be carefully put on, allowing enough tension in the tether to activate the alarm if the cover is disturbed. The alarm will sound off an ear piercing 120db blast that should send any intruder running. The pin is extremely small and cannot be re-inserted easily when removed, especially if the alarm is concealed and sounding off. The alarm also comes with a test light that is built in the unit. The Grenade Cover Alarm is a low cost gadget that has high impact.

Grenade Cover Alarm Kit
Grenade Cover Alarm by
- 120db level constant sound alarm
- Visual strobe light when activated
- Battery check light
- Small removable activation pin
- Strong mounting clip
- 1 Foot Tether with clip

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