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Gorilla Motorcycle Alarm - Model 8007

Motorcycle Gadgets Gorilla 8007 Cycle Alarm

The Gorilla 8007 is loaded with three sensors that instantly trip the unit's adjustable
120db Piezo siren when disturbed. The
motion tilt sensor, is activated once the alarm is
armed. Once the motorcycle is pulled upright, the alarm is automatically set off. The
current drain sensor also scans for any anomalies in the electrical system and can
activate the alarm upon intrusion (e.g. during a hot-wiring attempt). The 8007's two-stage
shock sensor monitors any disturbance, jolt or impact to the motorcycle.

- Powerful five-tone, adjustable 120db Piezo siren
- 3-button remote transmitter operation
- Seven level adjustable shock sensor
- Programmable five-tone siren
- Warn away mode


MG Comments:
This alarm has the same features of the $300+ alarms for a quarter of the price. There is
no special wiring and it is as easy as connecting 2 wires to the battery. The alarm can be
easily installed in 30 mins. The installation instructions are straight forward and the alarm
is universal for all bikes. This is the first alarm I've ever installed and I am impressed. I
haven't had any false alarms and the sensitivity level is easily adjustable. Craig

The slightest disturbances set off a single sonic chirp, while stronger disturbances blast
the alarm for a full 30 seconds. A
LED warning light is also provide to provid a visual
deterrent. The 8007 provides maximum protection for your bike in every possible

Protect your motorcycle with one of the most affordable,
effective, compact and durable motorcycle alarm systems on the
market today; the Gorilla 8007 Cycle Alarm.


Easily upgrade this Cycle Alarm
to a 2-Way Pager unit
** Alerts you up to 1/2 miles **
- 100% waterproof
- Panic feature, up to 100 ft
- LED warning light
- No tools required for installation
It gets better......its 100% waterproof and installation that takes less
than 30 minutes with common hand tools.
No special wiring is
required and the unit wires directly to the battery.
For the price,
the Gorilla 8007 provides affordable security
that no motorcyclist should be without.

Your Price:$79.00