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Cruz Folding Key Set

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Cruz Folding Hex/Torx Key Set

Motorcycle Gadgets Cruz Tools Folding Hex and Torx

MG Comments:
Just holding the Folding Hex/Torx set in your hand, you will realize that this is a solid and
well constructed tool. Powerful enough to put in your tool box and small enough to fit in your
pocket. If you are like me, I strive to be organized. I hate having to dump my hex keys to
search out the right size, just to find out it never made it back into the pouch. This will
never be a problem with this tool. Craig

Left Side
3 Torx keys (T25, T27 and T40)
Right Side
4 Hex heads 5/32", 3/16", 1/4" and 5/16"
Harley-Davidsons make regular use of Hex and Torx fasteners, so Cruz Tools assembled the
most common sizes into a compact fold-up unit. Forged from heat-treated chrome
vanadium alloy and housed in a tough handle that allows multiple angles of use, even those
hard-to-get-to fasteners shouldn’t pose any problems. With (7) tools in all, the Folding Hex
and Torx Key Set is a must for every Harley Rider who likes to repair his or her own bike.
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