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Cruz Outback'r H13

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Cruz Outback'r H13

Motorcycle Gadgets Cruz Tools Outback'r H13

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This is the Standard version of the Outback'r M14 that I use and love. It's the "MacGyver" of
multi-tools. It is small and extremely functional and can fit in your pocket or in a small
compartment on your bike. If you are like me, I have a several mounts that need adjusting
and this tool is great for these fixes without breaking out the full tool kit. I usually put mine
in my tankbag for long trips where my tailbag prevents me from quickly getting to my tools
under the seat. Craig
Left Side
10mm box, 9/16” open-end plus one spoke wrench
3 hex heads (5/32", 3/16" and 1/4")
2 Torx keys (T25, T27)
Right Side
Flat head screw driver
Phillips head screw driver
Socket Driver
3/8", 7/16" and 1/2" sockets
Inspired by outdoorsman-style multi-tools, yet designed specifically for Harley-Davidsons,
the Outback'r H13 is a powerhouse of functionality. It’s the cheapest bike insurance you will
ever have to buy. The Outback’r H13 is a loaded with 13 tools in a compact design. At only
10 ounces and 3.5” long, even chopper riders won’t have trouble carrying it.
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