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Limited Range

Limited Range Image
The Chatterbox Limited range models are ideal for riders who only ride with one other person or alone. The new DUO unit offers the best range for two riders over 100 yards. The XBi range is limited to 15 yards and is ideal for rider/passenger communication. Both units feature full duplex intercom and Bluetooth which allows you to pair with up to two accessory devices (cell phone, GPS, mp3/iPOD) at the same time. You and your passenger can either listen to your own music device or share one music device between the two of you.
Limited Range
Chatterbox DUO Image

Chatterbox DUO
Latest Low Cost Intercom

DUO Open Face Microphone Image

DUO Open Face Microphone
Headset Accessory

DUO Headset Adapter Image

DUO Headset Adapter
Use your existing Headphones

Chatterbox XBi Image

Chatterbox XBi
2-Way Intercom

XBi Headset Accessory Image

XBi Headset Accessory
Use your existing Headphones with XBi units

XBi/XBi2 Battery Image

XBi/XBi2 Battery
Replacement Battery

XBi/XBi2 Charger Image

XBi/XBi2 Charger
Replacement Charger

XBi/XBi2 Bracket Image

XBi/XBi2 Bracket
Replacement Bracket