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Moderate Range

Moderate Range Image
The Chatterbox Moderate range XBi2 models are ideal for riders in smaller groups of up to 3 people. They feature CDMA technology for communication, which allows them to be much smaller in size. This technology allows full duplex (conference call type) conversations between a max of 3 riders (bike to bike or rider to passenger) at up to 500 yards. Both the XBi2 and XBi2-H feature Bluetooth which allows you to pair with up to two accessory devices (cell phone, GPS, mp3/iPOD) at the same time.
Moderate Range
Chatterbox XBi2 Image

Chatterbox XBi2
3-Way Intercom

Chatterbox XBi2-H Image

Chatterbox XBi2-H
for HJC IS-MAX BT Helmets

XBi Headset Accessory Image

XBi Headset Accessory
Use your existing Headphones with XBi units

XBi/XBi2 Charger Image

XBi/XBi2 Charger
Replacement Charger

XBi/XBi2 Bracket Image

XBi/XBi2 Bracket
Replacement Bracket