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Powerlet manufactures rugged electrical outlets and cables for the cold, wet and high vibration
powersport environment. Powerlet's RapidFIRe™ heated gear is developed and tested in the USA
by people who ride regularly. At Motorcycle Gadgets, we recognize Powerlet as a industry leader
and are proud to use these products on our bikes.
"Our goal is to provide these products to
you in a clear, easy to understand manner and at the best prices you will find."

Powerlet offers two types of outlets: the standard cigarette outlet found in most autos, and a
Powerlet socket found on motorcycles such as BWM, Ducati, KTM, Indian, Triumph, and Victory.

Powerlet sockets are smaller than a
cigarette socket, vibration proof, and can
handle high current loads.

Cigarette sockets are popular in autos;
therefore many cell phone, GPS, and radar
detector cords come with this connector.



When ordering, please note the connector type as a Powerlet or Cigarette.

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