Spring Detailing

Odds are your bike collected some dust over the winter and some of the dirt and dead bugs left on from last Fall have solidified like glue. You spend a lot of money on your bike and accessories, so donít just clean it with household cleaning products. Motorcycle windscreens, fairings, panniers, instrument panels, and other bike parts can be easily scratched or be dulled if not cleaned with the proper products. At Motorcycle Gadgets, we created the ideal detailing kit for cleaning and polishing your motorcycle; safely and effectively. Our Plastix Detailing Kit contains two bottles of our Plastix cleaner, a plastic mini-scraper, and the highest quality micro-fiber towel.

Whatís New at MG (cont.)

RAM X-Grip

The RAM X-Gripô is a compact, universal mount for your cell phone, GPS navigation, iPod or other device that doesn't have that cookie cutter shape. The X-Grip is the perfect solution for holding today's larger cell phones and iPhones with protective covers. The spring loaded holder expands and contracts for the perfect fit of your device. The X-Grip has a clean and clever four leg design that provides extreme holding power without interfering with your devices power ports and controls. Made of high strength composite material with rubber tips; once attached, your device is safe from vibration and heavy impact.

As with all RAM products, the X-Grip is compatible and interchangeable with a wide variety of mounting options. Whether you want to mount your device to you handlebars (shown at right), fork stem, brake fluid reservoir, or multiple other areas, RAM has a product for your mounting needs. At Motorcycle Gadgets, we use and recommend RAM Mounts for that very reason; versatility.

To read more about the RAM X-Grip and to view our easy mounting guide, visit our RAM Mounts Page.


Plastix is a one-step plastic, glass and shiny metal solvent that is specifically formulated to clean motorcycle surfaces that can be easily damaged or scratched. When applied with our quality microfiber towel, Plastix provides a clean, scratch free, high-gloss finish that protects the bike surfaces from dirt, harsh road chemicals, and scratches. Plastix is safe, non-toxic and
contains no alcohol or ammonia. The detailing kit comes with a 4 oz. bottle, for the garage, and a 1 oz. bottle to carry with you for the road. The 1 oz. bottle can be refilled and costs significantly less than other plastic cleaners on the market.

Plastic Mini-Scrapper

For the stubborn bugs and dirt, or removal of stickers, the plastic mini-scrapper is the ideal tool. The plastic mini-scrapper provides the same edge as a metal blade, but will not scratch the surface. Each scrapper comes with 2 plastic blades.

To read more about our motorcycle cleaning products, visit our Cleaning Products Page.