Tire Care: Simple Steps to Maintain your Tires

Tire care is one of the easiest and probably the most important maintenance items to perform on your bike.  It goes without saying; take care of the tires that you ride on and they will take care of you. The following answers some basic tire care questions and highlights some simple rules to follow.

Factors that Impact the Life of a Tire

¨ Over/Under Inflation:  Improper air pressure can result in problems with both performance and wear. Riding on tires that are over or under inflated can also be dangerous. Under inflated tires will build excessive heat and can lead to a blow-out. Over Inflation can weaken the tires seal with the rim and cause a blow-out.


¨ Severe Impact:  Bad road conditions or running into rigid surfaces can result in cuts, cracks, splits or bruises in the tread and sidewall areas.

What you Need to Know

1. Always check your tires pressure BEFORE riding – Your tire’s recommended air pressure is for cold tire inflation. After riding, the tire heats up and the pressure in the tire will be greater. Always use a quality digital tire gauge to get the best measurement.

2. Know your tires pressure level and load limits – Refer to your motorcycle’s manual for recommended tire pressure for normal and heavy loads. Most motorcycles have different pressure ratings for front and rear tires, and loads over 200lbs and 2 passengers.

3. Inspect your tires – Check for any imbedded objects, bulging or excessive wear.

4. Secure the valve stem cap – The cap seals the valve stem and prevents leaks. At higher speeds, centrifugal force can open the valve inside the stem causing leaks.

5. Be prepared for roadside repairs – Repair kits can get you back on the road quickly and portable air compressors are small enough to fit under some seats or in a tank bag.

Lighted Tire Gauge

Mini Digital Tire Gauge

Quality Tire Gauges

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¨ Chemicals:  Gasoline and oil products can result in contamination of the rubber compound over time.  Cleaners such, as Armor All can degrade the rubber and speed up cracking as well. Soap and water is always the best cleaner to use on tires.

Portable Roadside Repair Products

Mini Air Compressor

Measures 4” x 2” x 6”
Weight: 14 oz.

Pocket Tire Repair Kit

Measures 7.5" x 3.5" x 1"
Weighs: 12 oz.

Remembering these basic tire care facts can prolong the life of your tires and provide the best riding experience. And remember, “The most important thing riding on your tires is YOU”; quoting the Michelin Man.