We would like to thank all our customers that visited us at the New York and Chicago International Motorcycle Shows; nothing like talking about motorcycles in the winter to give you spring fever. Fortunately for us in the Northeast, the winter was mild and spring has arrived early. We are getting our bikes ready to ride (read about our detailing products below) and searching for the latest products to test and offer.

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The Latest in Motorcycle Alarms

The following article provides a background on todayís alarms and highlights some of the features available.

Motorcycle alarms are a good investment and can provide the peace of mind you need to know your bike is safe. From parking your bike at home in your garage to parking your bike overnight at the hotel, a good motorcycle alarm can alert you immediately and can prevent tampering with your bike and deter a would-be thief.

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A recently introduced gadget that has been very well received is the RAM X-Gripô Universal Holder. The X-Grip is RAM Mountís solution to todayís ever growing cell phone and GPS market.

Spring Detailing: Spring has arrived in the Northeast and itís time to wipe down the bike; nothing like spending quality time with your motorcycle by polishing it up for your spring ride.† At MG, we have created a detailing product perfect for the job. Our Plastix detailing kit is up for the task.

RAM X-Grip Holder

Some motorcycle manufacturers now offer alarm systems as standard (or optional) equipment on some new bikes, but the majority of todayís motorcycles have no protection other than a steering lock. Other manufacturers have added security features to the ignition that requires the key to be close to enable the ignition; but that just prevents a thief from starting the engine. Improvements in anti-theft technology have made todayís motorcycle alarms affordable and easy to install and use. This article explores the most common feature of todayís alarms.

Gorilla Cycle Alarm

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