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Motorcycle Gadgets About Us

Like many creative ideas, the concept of Motorcycle Gadgets (MG) started in a bar with three friends
discussing the desire to buy more accessories for their motorcycles over a few cold beers.

We have been riding motorcycles together for many years. Whether it’s on the East or West coast, we escape from our normal routines every Spring and Fall to indulge in long motorcycle trips. Combined with our passion to ride anything on two wheels, each of us takes great pleasure in introducing the latest gadget or toy on every trip. It may be a waterproof wide angle camera, portable battery tender or 3-way wireless intercom, yet all it takes is one hindrance during the excursion to beg the same question to be asked time and time again …“Does anyone make a gadget for that?”
Fall 2009: Riding in the Rain
Sam is the "Gadget Guy". With a background in Business
Management and Economics, Sam manages our finances and
operations, however his real talent lies in his ability to
incessantly research any gadget and modify it to fit his
motorcycle needs. Sam stays on top of the latest technology
trends. When a better gadget comes out, the old one goes on
ebay and the new model is on its way. Sam’s out of the box
approach has led to the introduction of innovative products
such as the MG Moto-Hanger and Plastix cleaner line. Sam's
current ride is a modified 2005 Tribal Black Honda CBR RR.
Sam is working on making room in his garage for a new sport
touring bike. Of course that means more gadgets!

We started MG to do for other riders what we
wanted done for ourselves, offer unique
motorcycle gadgets and accessories online. At MG,
we test and review every product that we sell. Our
“MG Comments” are real stories based on direct
product experience. Our “MG Videos” show our
gadgets in action and highlight all the important
features. Our MG website is safe, secure and easy
to navigate. We offer great prices and flat rate
shipping on most of our products. Our promise is to
serve our riding customers with the highest quality
service and offer the highest quality products
which are all tested and approved by the MG team.

If you can’t find a unique gadget or accessory that does what you need, let MG find it for you. Send an email to
Craig is the “Business Guy". With a background in Physics and
Engineering, Craig commands our website and puts each
product through several tests before it’s added to inventory.
When Craig is not making a business deal or testing gadgets,
he’s out riding. He always leads on our motorcycle trips
because of his uncanny talent of knowing where he is at all
times and how to find the nearest gas station. In addition to
being a human GPS, Craig’s survival skills go unmatched. All
the Tools offered on MG have been used and approved by
Craig. His current ride is a 2005 Honda CBR F4i. Craig’s next
choice of bike is between a Honda Interceptor and a Triumph
Sprint ST to prepare for a cross country trip.

Andy is the "Logistics Guy". With a background in Information
Technology, Andy is our product specialist and also handles
customer service. Andy has a scrupulous understanding of each
gadget and its mechanics. Andy is the most experienced rider
on the MG team. Whether it’s on the ground or in the air
there is no vehicle that Andy cannot operate, ride or fly. All
Navigation devices offered on MG have been road tested by
Andy. His current ride is a 2003 Yamaha FZ1. Although Andy
and his naked Fizzy have an inseparable bond, Andy is looking
forward to adding a new spot in his garage for a Kawasaki
Concurs 14.

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